121+ Million Experiencing the Dangerous Polar Vortex.

Written by: Emily Johnson

Earlier in the week, most of the Midwest and many people in the US were bracing themselves and expecting bitter cold temperatures caused by a polar vortex.  Leaving over 121 million people under a life-threatening wind chill advisory, watch, or warning.

 What is a polar vortex? According to AccuWeather, A polar vortex is a large pocket of very cold air, typically the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, which sits over the polar region during the winter season. The frigid air can find its way into the United States when the polar vortex is pushed farther south, occasionally reaching southern Canada and the northern Plains, Midwest, and northeastern portions of the United States.

Temperatures are projected to reach -77 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas. These extreme conditions have already put lives at risk. with six deaths already reported. The best safety protocol in this situation is to stay indoors or find a local warming station by checking your local area resources.

Causes for concern are frozen pipes, gas lines, power outages, slow internet connection, hypothermia, frostbite, and even death. These conditions leave people with mental illness, disabilities, health problems, and the homeless at an extreme risk.

some of these National Weather Service warnings are supposed to end by 4 p.m. Eastern time. In the meantime, stay safe and warm. Make sure you follow http://carolusx.com/  for updates!

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