Meet The Team

Joshua Munson

Joshua Munson is an Economics major at VCU’s school of business. His current focus is solving the world’s problems through advancing A.I, Cloud Computing, Drones, and Cryptocurrency. By creating, Joshua intends to demystify the tech industry’s complexity and to help others conquer the complexity of technology.

Emily Anne Johnson

Emily Johnson is currently studying Human Services, Mental Health, and Social Work at Kent State University. Her current focus and goals are mental health and disability advocacy. Emily wants to research and generate solutions to the problems in the mental health field using possible technological advances, empathic approaches, and realistic ways to bring about social change.

Since Emily was born with a disability affecting movement, muscle tone, posture, and coordination, Emily has been fascinated with the technology that is used to create walking aids, leg braces, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and a robotic skeleton, or other machines used to help the disabled community gain the Independence and confidence they deserve.


Robert Stacy

Robert Stacy is a tech blogger in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. He has a background in consumer electronic repair & sales and currently works for an IT Consulting company.

From the age of five, Rob has always had an interest in computers & technology. While still in high school, he earned two certifications in Information Technology & still continues to pursue his education through an IT apprenticeship program today.

Matt Connor

Matt Connor is an animator, actor, and independent filmmaker who’s studying film and animation at VCU’s School of Fine Arts. He wants to one day open a production studio to approve, finance, and facilitate the production and sale of movies, TV programs, video games, and original content for the web.


Joseph Denaburg

Joseph graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in accounting, but not before branching off and co-founding a web marketing and SEO company during his junior year. He continues to stay involved with internet marketing trends working full time at Levy’s Fine Jewelry, where he handles all social media/internet related tasks and geeks out as a hardcore gemstone, art, and history nerd. Joseph is currently working to become a Graduate Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and spends most of his spare time reading about new technology, cryptocurrencies, and technical analysis.


Ninad Muranjan

Ninad Muranjan is currently studying bsc in IT and also learning Machine Learning. He is currently focussing on his own blog ( in which he posts articles related to Programming and Tech News. Ninad is aspiring to work as a Data Scientist.


Joseph Villarrubia

Joseph Villarrubia graduated from Mount St Mary’s University with a BA in History. He is a marketer, writer, intellector, and a bit of a nut when he let’s loose. He has brown hair, massive arms, stands 6’4 (in boots), white (ish) teeth, and light blue eyes women get lost in fairly regularly; not all the time (I mean, everyone blinks). He enjoys writing parodies, poems, short-stories, humor pieces, starting books, and making boring academic subjects interesting. And talking about himself (especially in third-person)…

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