An interview with Sean Kirtz 

By Joshua Munson

Meet CEO, Sean Kirtz, the young entrepreneur who has made a name for himself by dedicating his time and energy to assisting others in reaching their full potential and accomplishing their dreams. While many people spend their mid 20s to 30s climbing and fighting their way up the corporate nine to five career ladder, Sean escaped the rat race by the age of thirty three unscathed and determined. 
Sean began his journey as a college student at Florida Atlantic University. During his four years as a student he began studying software engineering, plutus, and casper. With hard work and dedication, Sean graduated Magna Cum Laude.

After graduation Sean found his passion, cryptocurrency. With his college education he would then pursue his career in crypto. Sean would go on to found a series of companies: Extreme Web Solutionz, CloutNetwork, and ICO Services Incorporated. Extreme Web Solutionz was his first, a company that focused on five key elements: digital marketing, SEO services, website design, web development and content writing. EWS put a large emphasis on breaking away from the same mediocre cookie cutter solutions, and making a point to use ethical white hat practices to get their job done. Sean served as CEO for three years before transitioning to his current projects.

CloutNetwork was founded by Sean in August 2016; it is a one stop shop for all cryptocurrency needs. From veterans to beginners from large cap coins to altcoins, Sean made sure that CloutNetwork would be a home for everyone. Clout is unique in that it rewards it’s users for actively participating in the community. Even simple actions like up-voting an article that larger mainstream social media site users take for granted, could result in rewards. This is a service that users willingly provide to rate the quality of the articles being displayed, and this service is often taken advantage of by social media platforms. If you pair that with users being rewarded for just holding the CLOUT tokens they receive or purchase, CloutNetwork might not only secure itself but has the potential to take over the cryptocurrency social media market, and the entire community built around it.

Sean has also recently taken on a new project that seeks to drive a substantial portion of value not only for itself, but for clout network too. ICOServices Inc. is the CloutNetwork of crypto marketing, which is much needed in this rapidly growing niche. Sean used the demand and need for ICO consultation, marketing, and services and combined it with the knowledge, and experience from Clout he developed a one-stop shop for all ICO services needs. In an interview I did with Sean we spoke about his company ICO Services briefly, with the increase of demand for consultation, this young entrepreneur definitely has his hands full.

Throughout it all, Sean has constantly strived for success by building others up and adding value to any team he works with by making companies more efficient, supporting and rewarding his clout supporters by compensating them for all of their value that they add to the community, and also by helping to launch small cap alt coins. Sean believes no dream or project is too big or too small, this strategy has not only helped him in his current projects, but will continue to permeate throughout all of his future projects

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