Coming Soon: The War of the Robots

Written By: Joseph V.

Cybersecurity is no laughing matter. Information is power, and just about all information of consequence is stored or processed digitally. A robot capable of autonomous tactical behavior probably feels like something out of a story. Possible, yet not quite real. Even so, it is possible, and it may be the future.

Already, white-collar hackers (the good guys) are using machine learning to automate more and more tasks. Mostly, these are mundane tasks like probing for basic errors in a code. Sometimes they are more complicated, like smart AI solutions that compare similarities between threats, threats that are sometimes coordinated by another AI system.

While AI can protect national and private secrets, it is also being developed by red hackers (the bad guys) to coordinate major cyber threats. Consider that even Chrome extensions “leak” a little bit of information here and there. What happens when a fast-learning, autonomous robot can gather such information from thousands of sources simultaneously and make the connections between them…while the red hackers sleep… It’s a spear phishing nightmare. And you are the fish.

As the indomitable habit of human progress advances ever forward, more and more elements of cyber security are being turned over to machine learning. It won’t be long now until we have robots acting autonomously to threaten our privacy and national security and robots defending us. So, ask yourself, what will you do when the Age of Ultron arrives for real?

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