Could Wish App Overtake Amazon?

Written by: Joshua Munson

Amazon is in danger. While Amazon has traditionally dominated the internet retail space, their days of market supremacy might be coming to an end.

Why Consumers are switching to Wish App from Amazon

Wish App contracts directly with Chinese factories allowing them to offer prices that traditional retailers are unable to match. By shipping directly from the producer to consumers, Wish app is able to boast being able to cut 60-90% off of traditional retail prices. They are still able to contract big name license agreements meaning that they can take traditional items that receive a large markup and undercut their value. Wish also runs various discount promotions and flash sales on top of their already low prices.

Why Consumers Are Still Avoiding Wish App

The majority of the producers are shipping from china. This means that customers must weigh low prices against long shipping time. Since most items are non-essential items, most customers are willing to make the trade. They do however guarantee a full refund on any orders that are late from their anticipated delivery.

Amazon due to their distribution system can get items shipped to customers in under 24 hours. So until we are able to speed international delivery, customers want good cheaper than retail outlet will likely have to settle with amazon


Wish App has taken one more middle man out of the process, the retailer. Consumers are able to purchase items directly from the factories where the products. Without the traditional retail markup, consumers will save between 60-90% off of traditional retail cost. If a consumer is willing to forgo the luxury of overnight shipping, then there is no reason that they should shop at amazon over wish.

One thought on “Could Wish App Overtake Amazon?

  1. I think for me it’s not just the shipping time, it’s about the quality of the items too. Wish is very hit or miss with quality and accuracy to description (despite every item having about a million words describing it) whereas Amazon is a lot more reliable in that respect.

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