Huawei Mate X

Written By: Ninad Muranjan

The Huawei foldable phone is set to launch at Huawei’s event at MWC 2019 (MobileWorld Congress) and it will reportedly be called the Huawei Mate X. This is expected to be Huawei’s flagship smartphone and it is anticipated to feature a folding mechanism slightly different from what we saw with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Huawei Mate X is expected to feature a screen that folds out to become a tablet-like display and folds back in, with a groove on one side to allow people to grip the phone, according to leaks. Here’s how you can watch the Huawei Mate X launch live stream.

Huawei Mate X specifications

Not much is known about the Huawei Mate X specifications at the moment except for the fact that this smartphone will have a folding display. Based on a billboard leak, it appears that the Huawei Mate X’s display, when folded, will curve around the edge of the device.

When unfolded, it’s expected to feature a 7.2-inch display according to the rumor mill. It’s expected to feature top-of-the-line hardware too. If leaks are accurate, Huawei Mate X will support 5G connectivity.

The Huawei Mate X’s price is not known at the moment, but the company is expected to announce details around price and availability during the event.

Huawei is expected to launch other products too at the MWC 2019 event. At the moment there are no details about these, but perhaps we could see the company launching new wearable devices and maybe even laptops.

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