Inquiring About “Twin Flame” Connections

The topic of twin flames is frequently misunderstood. There are web sites about it with lots of experiences, definitions, concepts, ponderings, and ideals. Each experience is distinctive, but it is also pretty confusing. What are the facts? Just what is a fire? I had no idea what that entailed, nor had I even heard about the concept. Once I learned about my flame, none of the websites I found could really answer these 3 most elementary questions without causing me confusion
My first 3 questions: what’s a twin fire? What’s a soul mate? Are they the same thing? I read many definitions that are distinct, which my mind was boggled by it. Their response was fairly simple: no they’re definitely not the same thing. The intention of a soul mate is the same, although there are several types of soul mates: they’re made to assist you to learn. These lessons, once learned, will assist the soul to evolve. Soul mates are part of a soul group, that contract together about which lessons to learn while. Souls in the soul group can incarnate as your lover, best friend, mother, father, grandparent, sibling, cousin, even your enemy. 

You learn your life lessons. Twin flames are entirely different. Twin flames are created by a soul, divided into two halves, each half retains both males and female characteristics. All of us have a twin flame, and no one may have one or more. They’re the same exact vibration, and frequently have many common interests, qualities, dislikes, and likes, as well as comparable lessons to learn.


When precisely the energies of both flames meet, it’s very vibrant since the souls realize that bliss of being one. But, then, it becomes more like a young kid losing interest in their most favored toy. 

There’ll be arguments and endurance and eventually the relationship, regardless of what type of relationship it, will fizzle out. You won’t have one twin who’s Jekyll and another twin that’s Hyde.  The vibration is the very same and as such can’t lead to wildly opposed energies within an incarnation. Due to their close connection, the twins are frequently automatically attuned to one another and may experience everything from comparable emotions, cravings and favored foods to having the same addictions, character flaws, thought patterns and even abilities. They’re each others mirror image from head to toe, external and internal. 

My next issue is precisely this query: if its rare for twin flames to incarnate on Earth together, how do they actually meet? As twin flames are often separated by airplanes, usually the twin on the upper side will be instrumental in bringing in soul mates which will assist in their stead.

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