Machine Learning Speeds Up Salmonella Containment

Written By: Joshua Munson

Salmonella, a bacteria that often sneaks its way into various foods such as poultry, eggs, and beef. Once a person has consumed food that contains Salmonella, they will experience 4-7 days of nasty symptoms. [1]

Today, Machine Learning has allowed us to make a major stride in conquering Salmonella outbreaks. By using machine learning, Xiangyu Deng and his team from the University of Georgia Center for Food Safety, were able to trace back 900 salmonella outbreaks with an 83% accuracy rating.[2]

There is still room for improvement using this technique. Improving accuracy will be a major objective going forward. But they have also found that they are not yet able to use it to identify salmonella in seafood.[2] The main sources they had identified were in poultry and poultry infused goods.

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