Marijuana Stock Special Edition February Stocks to watch


Written by: Matt Lambert


These 8 stocks are all connected in one way or another.  Soon to be 9 stocks #GNBT will be doing a divided spinoff Jan 30th 2019.

The Record Date for the determination of the holders of the Company’s common
stock entitled to participate in the dividend will now be January 30, 2019. The
dividend Payment Date remains February 25, 2019.

more info on the website


#PURA The company reported 600% sales growth in the second quarter of this year and recently announced a $1 million annual revenue benchmark being potentially within reach for 2018



KALY and NOUV have already entered into a partnership to grow and extract on the 100 acers and now PURA will get first dibs on the CBD extract.  “In addition to our deal with NOUV and KALY, we are also talking with our EVERx co-packer, Alkame Holdings, about an additional hemp cultivation operation near Alkame’s bottling facilities to include another KALY extraction facility actually within Alkame’s plant.”  Alkame Holdings, Inc. (USOTC: ALKM)

PURA sold its cannabis cultivation business to NOUV in exchange for a $1.2 million convertible note with a commitment that the note would promptly be converted into shares of NOUV and that those converted shares would be distributed in a stock dividend to the shareholders of PURA


North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USOTC: USMJ) (“USMJ”) today released a 2019 New Year message from the CEO and Chairman Steven Rash .  Mr. Rash is also the President and Chairman of ACI Conglomerated, the majority shareholder of USMJ.  His letter, included below in its entirety, provides an update on pending key events for USMJ and the USMJ family of companies to include, Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) (“PURA”), Kali, Inc. (dba/Kali-Extracts) (USOTC: KALY), Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (dba/Nouveau) (USOTC: NOUV) and Priority One Aviation (Pending Name Change) (USOTC: PJET) (“PJET”).  ACI Conglomerated is the majority shareholder of all of the USMJ family of companies except for KALY.  KALY is part of the family through contract.  PURA has licensed KALY’s patented cannabis extraction process for the production of cannabis infused beverages and PURA and KALY are partners in a joint venture with NOUV called US Cannabis Health .


Priority Aviation (name change pending) (USOTC: PJET) (“PJET”) and North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (dba/USMJ) (USOTC: USMJ) (“USMJ”) today announced accelerating a planned dividend of PJET stock to USMJ shareholders.  USMJ recently spun-off its AmeriCanna Cafe cannabis themed restaurant business to PJET in a transaction that included a stock dividend of PJET stock to the shareholders of USMJ. PJET is in the process of updating its public disclosures in order to be current with all required filings necessary for the stock dividend distribution to be executed.  To accelerate the filing update and subsequent stock dividend distribution of PJET stock to USMJ shareholders


The presentation will also include an update on AmeriCanna Cafe’s partnership with West Coast Venture Group  #WCVC to roll out concept restaurant in the spring of 2019 in Colorado.



American Premium Water Corporation, a company with one foot already in the growing CBD beverage market with its LALPINA Hydro CBD water, announced in October that it developed a formulation using its proprietary Hydro-Nano technology for THC. In December it announced they had entered into an agreement with Growpacker, a California based company that does infusion and fulfilment in the CBD and cannabis sector. Growpacker has a number of relationships with dispensaries in the state, and provides the distribution network for the Company to sell into the US’s largest marijuana market.


Kali, Inc. (KALY) (dba/Kali-Extracts, Inc.) (USOTC: KALY) (“KALY”) and Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NOUV) (dba/Nouveau, Inc) (USOTC: NOUV) (“NOUV”) today announced the two companies anticipate up to $5 million in revenue from their hemp cultivation and extraction venture.  The two companies recently announced an agreement to expand NOUV’s current cultivation operations to include 100 adjacent acers dedicated to growing hemp under the new Farm Bill legalizing hemp farming just signed into law by President Trump.  KALY will construct a CBD extraction facility on site based on KALY’s patented extraction process

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