Musings of a Complex Soul

Her soul is filled with an abundance of Darkness and Light. Her past, present, and future are filled with complexities, growth, pain, achievement, and heartbreak. Once you love this girl, be prepared not only to love her, also prepare to love the complexities of her soul and the journey she has been through.

Her Darkness, magick, and Light combined are an explosive force coursing through her every being. She may be complicated, she was once broken, but these complexities and her journey of heartbreak, pain, and finding herself are one of the things that makes her so beautiful.

If you take the time to examine her soul and everything she is. I promise you she will love you so fiercely with a fire and passion you have never known, nor have you experienced in 1,000 lifetimes. Have patience and you won’t get burned. Instead, you will glow radiant and electric beside her.



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