Proven Benefits Of Meditation

By: CarolusX Team

Now meditation is going mainstream.

Programs incorporate meditation to treat soldiers. Meditation is offered by Businesses as part of their programs. Part of the explanation for the popularity of meditation is a plethora of research demonstrating to its range of healing properties. 

Here are only 11 proven health advantages of a regular meditation practice. In a study investigators compared a home exercise plan and a 8 week meditation practice. Jyoti meditation focuses on lamp or a candle fire, and seeks to feel the heart for the light. From the study 89 patients with neck pain have been assigned to a house or into weekly 90 minute jyoti meditation based workout plan. The meditation training significantly reduced pain when compared to the workout program. The authors reasoned that chronic pain sufferers may be supported by meditation in pain coping and pain reduction. In a study that was small that was latest have been found to have heart rates that were lower and lower stress levels. 

They also had higher amounts of nitrates level. And once a loving kindness meditation was began by non meditators they saw their stress levels fall and their relaxation levels rise. Loving kindness meditation is a Buddhism practice of creating unselfish kindness compassion, and love. Telomeres are protective caps towards the end of every strand of DNA. Their length serves as an indicator of accelerated aging. Each time a cell divides telomeres get shorter indicating more aging. Harvard University investigators measured telomeres at a group of 37 people. They found that women who practiced loving kindness meditation had considerably longer telomeres than the participants who didn’t meditate. 

One way meditation works is by increasing that the action of telomerase, an enzyme that protects also lengthens telomeres. In an analysis from that the Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis, investigators investigated that the effects of a 3 month meditation retreat on telomerase action. Thirty retreat participants meditated for approximately six hours per day for 3 months. The control group consisted of 30 individuals on the waiting list for the retreat center. Towards that the end of that the month that the telomerase action in the meditators was considerably greater than in the controls. The researchers discovered that telomerase action was directly also indirectly increased as a consequence of an increase of perceived control and a decrease in neuroticism in the retreat participants. The meditators also increased in their awareness and sense of purpose in life.

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  1. The writer has confused the Jyoti meditation of Sai Baba with Jyoti Meditation of the Science of Spirituality which was the meditation practice tested in this article. It does not involve a candle and is a silent spiritual meditation practice.

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