The Science of Stress Management

Ever heard the expression, “Don’t make mountains out of molehills?” Many people who are under tremendous stress can experience anxiety-like symptoms. Difficulty communicating effectively, withdrawal from social activities, mood swings and seeing problems where there are none. We have a lot of information about stress and how to manage it. Many people know the effects of anxiety. Sometimes just opening your mouth and saying “Hi!” to another human being feels like climbing Mt Everest. Let’s discuss the science behind stress management.

Stress cannot be eliminated from everyday life, yet people can educate themselves on how to manage it. Learning to manage stress is hard. It doesn’t mean that you cannot learn to do so, just that they’ve not been taught effectively. Essentially like study skills, if no one teaches the techniques, most do it ineffectively. People should understand what causes their stress and then be able to employ basic strategies to keep it from causing physical concerns and complications.

When a person knows they have the skills to handle a stressor, it builds confidence to deal with other circumstances. It is determined by the reaction of the individual to different stressors. Anything that causes physical changes within the body needs to be evaluated.

Stressors cause your system to change how it works. The body feels that there is a problem and is preparing to fight or take flight. The heart rate increases in preparation for action, the blood pressure level rises, and the body dumps sugars into the bloodstream, increasing blood sugar levels. Respiration may increase, and the resulting nervousness may even cause indigestion (the most feared symptom of them all!).

It has been proven that keeping a positive outlook makes positive things happen. The way we treat ourselves and others becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, reflecting back on us. Enjoy being a person of light, good vibes, and positivity. The energy works to improve the mood of those who are in the presence of a certain person. Being optimistic is just as easy as being pessimistic.

Why not make a choice and increase well-being? Eating healthy can instill a feeling of well-being in many people. Hitting the fast food place for a burger twice a month is not unreasonable as long as the person eats reasonably the rest of that month. A piece of pie a week is not going to do anybody in, but maybe two pieces a day. Assist the body in establishing effective levels of blood sugar to increase energy and stamina.

No, it’s not necessary to join the local meditation class, but doing so can bring considerable benefit to the anxiety management plan. It is vital to devote time to exercise, yoga, meditation, or whatever an individual enjoys to keep the body moving. If you have never been to see a chiropractor or masuese, do so at the next opportunity. So many nerve clusters are tied to the spine it’s incredible! And getting blood flowing freely to your muscles, softening them is key to a feeling of flexibility and comfort in your own skin. Being flexible and robust will increase your self-esteem, sense of well-being, and overall confidence.

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