Terrible Tumor Terror! Germ Cells Gone Wrong! What’s a Teratoma?

By: Drenn Bursk

In the world of our bodies, thousands of things work together in just the right ways, to make our living, breathing, thriving selves healthy and happy.

But out there. In the dark depths of our unknown innards, a small percentage of us, have a nightmare growing within. Most of which, no one will know about. Many of which, will not harm you. But a small, few number of us, because of this small thing, may lose our minds.

Meet the Teratoma: a type of tumor made of disorganized cells that can grow teeth, nearly formed eyes, hair, and organs; sometimes even, horridly, grow brain tissue.

Most Teratoma are benign. They can happen in men and women, and can appear in a variety of locations. This tumor with a Greek name grows for your entire lifetime, and can get quite large.

For an unlucky select folk, something peculiar takes place. Where within the Teratoma brain tissue grows, and the body decides it needs to be attacked. Like a foreign body, white blood cells swarm the place: a swat team, they bundle up and take out the threat— wherein causing massive swelling. Brain tissue: one of the targets, does not only exist within the tumor. But within the body as well.

The swelling, the attack on the nervous and brain tissue spreads, causing swelling around the body’s mind, producing pressure within the skull.

At times, this type of condition can and will cause psychiatric symptoms. Hallucinations. Blurred speech, delusions. Baffling doctors and family members alike.

Have you ever seen a Teratoma? They look like the monsters under your bed. But this one, is in you instead.




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