The Choas of Retrograde

Oh, Mercury retrograde. AGAIN, you’re here. You’ve come with all of your messy glory to our collective doorstep. You are our regular, dreaded guest of the house. From the doorway, you stagger, kick over the furniture, leave crumbs around the couch and hog the toilet. Then you fade as fast as you appeared, leaving us a bit stunned, but much better equipped to keep up with our lives!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, The planets are constantly swinging around, and their movements are affecting us in different ways. All planets are moving retrograde and directly, but the journey through Mercury seems to affect people far more than one another.

What’s that? Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, precision and travel, so when the world goes retrograde and direct movement makes it seems like it is going backward in the sky. They begin to become ugly and tangle up. Mercury isn’t going backward, it is only hanging out through sunlight, but Earth is making it seem like its in reverse. You might end up getting into bizarre arguments about nothing, being unable to finish sentences or hardly even be able to form a coherent idea. Your computer along with other electronic equipment is more prone to go on the fritz. 

You could also experience delays in traveling. Double check your flights and have a book with you to help keep you busy while you wait for your train. We do not have a tendency to get all the details we need currently, so it may be difficult to make big decisions and it’s not always the optimum time to sign a contract, either. Expect to hear super loud complaints from your mates who’re Gemini or Virgo, since both have been ruled by Mercury. Mercury also rules a lot of businesses such as publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations and anything related to transportation, like airlines, the post offices and cabs.  This means that Gemini train drivers and Virgo magazine editors may find it particularly rough, so be kind to anyone you know!

I often find that the retrograde and direct movement of Mercury makes me want to move into hermit mode. For people who typically pride themselves on having our karmic shit together, Mercury retrograde and direct movement can be a total kick in your tooth. The GOOD news is this retrograde Mercury and direct movement gives us plenty of beautiful opportunities if we can just tilt our head and squint. Mercury’s retrograde, wants us spiritually to move back. Now, more than ever before, the time is right to seem at matters with clear eyes.

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