The Many Faces of the Golden Rule That May Improve Your Relationships and Income

Written By: Joseph V

The Golden Rule is possibly the most pliable philosophy in the whole Book. It can be stated many ways with slight, but important, variations in meaning. Here are a few:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do unto others as they would have done unto them, and they may do the same unto you if you’re lucky.

Observe how others do unto themselves and do the same. (inadvisable)

Do unto yourself what you would have others do unto you.

Most people will treat you with the same level of respect with which you treat yourself. How valuable do you think you are? How valuable do you think others are? The moment you realize that your true worth and that of others is astronomically higher than you ever thought, your world starts to change. I’m worth several billion dollars. I don’t have it yet, but I will. Did I always think this? No, I used to think I wasn’t worth more than the weight of a cash register at the local convenience store. Then I linked up with people who held themselves in high esteem, learned from them, and rose. You will too. Like attracts like.

Your brain alone is worth billions of dollars, so start treating yourself like it. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. First with proof, then with applicable anecdotes.


In one of his famous talks, William Brit discussed findings from his own research. He said that if we filled a skyscraper with the absolute best supercomputer technology available, it would not come close to the power of the human brain. Just by having developed a human brain you are worth more than a massive, several billion-dollar supercomputer! You didn’t even have to do anything other than grow up and stay alive. That wasn’t so hard was it?

Not enough? Ok…

Back in the Obama administration, the European Commission decided to fund a project to map the human brain. They allotted 500 million dollars to the task. Not long after, President Barrack Obama approved funding for the same type of project with a first-year budget of 100 million dollars. That’s just to MAP the thing.[1] So go ahead and stack another 100 million a year on top of our conservative estimate.

We’re not talking about Stephen Hawking’s brain here; we’re talking the average human brain.

The bigger they are the harder they can fall. Our immensely powerful and valuable brains can get us in trouble too. Roger Dooley, a contributor at Forbes Magazine, informs us that talking about ourselves activates some of the reward centers of the brain which can lead to giving out too much information which leads to problems like Facebook.[2]

Through 20 minutes to an hour of daily use of the platform, our brains collectively made Facebook a 90-billion-dollar company and gave life to many thousands of businesses which can now reach us effortlessly. You’re the jury on whether that’s a good thing.

Also, the brain is surprisingly elastic and rebounds quickly. Even those of us who have turned our brains into a portable model of the primordial soup through substance abuse can still make a go of a good life with the right attitude. Some of the wealthiest people in the world suffer from addiction to heavy substances. The Wolf of Wallstreet did alright.

Helpful Anecdotes

There’s something about people who hold themselves in high esteem that makes other people want to be around them more. You can ride a wave to the tippy top. The more powerful the wave the higher it rises. People who are driven, passionate, intelligent, creative, hardworking, and positive attach themselves to people who are the same and the wave gathers momentum.

My friend Jay (link to his site below) is a web developer, SEO, and highly successful marketer whose attitude toward contracts is straightforward, genuine, and brutal in a really good way. I was telling him about the umpteenth company that wanted me to sign an NDA before engaging in an introductory meeting. His response:

“Never sign an NDA unless there’s money involved. If someone asks me to sign a non-disclosure agreement before making an offer, then they don’t know how to talk about their business and aren’t worth my time. Some of these guys will try and get me to sign an NDA so they have rights to any strategy ideas I discuss with them. But if they haven’t paid me and try to use my ideas, I’ll sue them. NDA’s are no joke.”

Still don’t agree? Here is a follow up:

“Never sign them… and if you do, read them first. You can tell them to remove anything that doesn’t need to be there, and they often times have no idea what their own NDA’s even mean because they just took them [from] some generic online source. My lawyer looks over NDA’s that are legit even after I have read them. This is another reason why NDA’s are not free to sign. Lawyers cost money. Contracts are serious work.”[3]

Who is sitting up in their seats right now thinking, “Man, if I need a marketer, that’s who I’m talking to!” I’ll raise my hand to that. He’s clearly serious, only works with serious people, and sticks to a high league. I’ve seen him work with people outside this league if they demonstrate a reasonable degree of basic competence (hardworking, creative, positive, just need some direction). I’m not in his league, not yet, but getting there starts with changing the attitude and moving up market. A lot of these companies I was talking to are genuine and run by good people, so I help them out as best I can. Some of them get in a good place and there’s the wave I was talking about earlier.

If you hold yourself in high esteem, perfect, chances are good that you deserve it. If not, start doing so. You are worth so much more than what people let on. Society will tell you to find your place. I recommend reshaping society around you in a positive way.

In our hyper connected world people are longing for strong, genuine people and meaningful connections. If you find one, don’t let it go. Not saying be clingy either. Really try to understand the other person. As much respect as you have for yourself, show respect to others by really getting to know them and treating them the way they want to be treated.

Treat yourself with respect and you will be treated with respect. Treat yourself with respect and you will find that treating others with the same respect comes much more naturally to you. And that it is reciprocated many times over from most of the people around you. This is the basis of human connection and that leads to healthier relationships and more income.



[3] Jay Matthew. Personal Correspondence. Email. January, 2019. His site is Highly recommend checking it out if you’re struggling to present your business online.

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