The Tesla Model 3 Has Officially Launched in China

Written by: Ninad Muranjan

The Tesla Model 3 has officially launched in china, but they seems to have launched at a quite an expensive price.

Tesla has been taking orders in China since January. Now, the vehicles are making their way to their owners.

The first two versions of Tesla Model 3 are:  The All-Wheel-Drive Model 3,which costs 560,000 yuan ($83,000) and the Long-Range AWD Model 3, which costs 499,000 yuan ($74,000).

These prices are higher than the price costs in US. In the U.S, it is $62,000 for the All-Wheel-Drive and $51,000 for the Long-Range AWD.

Now, Tesla is also taking orders in China for long range variant Rear-Wheel-Drive which costs 433,000 Yuan ($64,000). It is no longer offered in US.

All these three Tesla Model 3 variants are estimated to be delivered by March.

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