The Triple Goddess Explained

The Goddess represents that instinctive, creative, and magical – the women’s nurturing side of the Deity. She the source of the outer universe. Therefore, the Goddess is, shaped by Her inner nature. Her Other Self is the Heavenly Consort, whose marriage to the Goddess describes presence as we realize it. In this way, the goddess and the god are the polar forces called Yin and Yang.

Yin is the feminine, religious, emotional facet of Deity in all things which gives life to existence. Yang is the Deity’s masculine, physical, volatile facet that manifests in movement and activity, and whose permutations develop the outer kind of things.

In Wicca, since the Triple Goddess is highly respected through Her kind. The Goddess is often represented by the Moon, and its 3 stages are taken as being instructive about nature, the Dark Moon represents inspiration and creation embodied in the Maiden Goddess. The Full Moon, embodied by the Mother Goddess, representing fruition and sustenance. The Waning Moon represents fulfillment and endings, the Crone Goddess embodied in it.

The Maiden is the Young Goddess of Spring and new beginnings. She’s the Goddess of the Dawn of youthfulness, the anticipation of life, and fresh potential. The Maiden is the Goddess of art, creativity, and self-expression – of beauty, intelligence, and skill. The Maiden manifests herself in activity and self-confidence, exploration and discovery. She’s sometimes called the Virgin. The term virgin in this instance doesn’t mean physical virginity, it implies that the young Goddess is independent – She’s accountable for Her very own actions, She knows who She is and doesn’t answer to anyone, but Herself. 

The Mother is aware of Her human sexuality and may either hold it at bay or abandon Herself to it. As that the Huntress and Mistress of the Woodlands, She’s both a buddy and companion to all young animals and a skilled hunter. She’s the armed guardian of that the Universal Laws of Balance and may give out punishment swiftly and dispassionately if needed. You might experience the Goddess in Her kind as a Mother whenever you look upon a brand newborn child, or experience a beautiful sunset. She’s that the continuation of all life, gifting us with that the capability to find delight in the plain pleasures of that the world. Such as a butterfly in the summertime, sunlight on water, the quiet of a forest all are inside the realm of the mother Goddess.

Lastly, the aspect of Crone is the final stage. She’s the hag and the wise woman, the night’s darkness, and eventually death. She is the waning moon, the winter’s chill, the earth’s dying.

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