Trump Is Going All In on A.I to Rival China

Written By: Joshua Munson

Google sounded the alarm last year. They stated that China was set to be on par with U.S capability by the early to mid-2020s. China’s goverment even stated that they planned to dominate the industry going into the 2030s. [1] [2] China’s bet to surpass the U.S going forward was going all in on A.I investment trying to build a 150 billion dollar industry by 2030. [2]

The U.S urgently needed to respond to this challenge. To lose this battle could spell the downfall of dominance that the United States has long held.

Trump has officially responded to China’s plan. The U.S is going to hold its ground.

Continued American leadership in Artificial Intelligence is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic and national security of the United States.

President Donald J. Trump

A.I is becoming critical going forward. U.S industries are shifting more towards risk pool based models as well as creating shared economies. Pair that with military applications and most warfare moving towards a chain reaction of A.I, and it’s no wonder why dominance here is essential.

You can view the full document of the how the investment will be dispersed. [1] [2]

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