UPDATE: Wells Fargo Customers are Still Missing Payday Due To Outage

Written by: Emily Johnson

On Tuesday, February 7th, Many customers of the banking merchant Wells Fargo were experiencing issues with online banking and mobile app. Allegedly, Wells Fargo reports that this mass outage was due to a power shutdown at one of their facilities. After smoke was detected following routine maintenance. Furthermore, according to the company, this was not caused by an issue regarding cybersecurity. However, after an issue that delays payday, many customers needed to find a solution to pay bills and buy food.  Leading this outage to be a mass disruption to millions of peoples everyday lives.

What is the good news and bad news regarding this situation?

According to Wells Fargo, The good news is they are taking accountability for the outage and are trying to rectify and resolve customers issues in a timely manner. In addition to responding to customers, Wells Fargo is offering extended hours in branches and additional staffing in contact centers to service customers’ needs, and address any concerns. All 5,500 Wells Fargo branches will extend their hours by one hour Friday, February 8 and Saturday, February 9. Customers are encouraged by the company,  to seek support services. As well as, reverse any fees that may have been charged during this outage time.

Unfortunately, there is still some bad news. Wells Fargo took to Twitter an hour ago saying, “ Mobile & Online Banking systems are operational but still may be experiencing intermittent difficulties.”

 Another issue being reported is that customers may be getting emails and or text messages requesting sensitive information, exposing customers to phishing scams.

The bottom line:

Mistakes and malfunctions happen, but that doesn’t excuse the damage that has been done and possible threats to customers security. According to the many voices of customers who have spoken, going  through the distress and worry this outage has caused is causing them to switch their primary banking Institution. Outages and mistakes like this inevitably damage a company’s reputation. No matter how fast they rectify the issue. after all, negative news and negative experiences with services Austin travel faster than a positive one. Keep following http://carolusx.com/ for more developments. We hope this issue comes to a close very soon,. As the frustrations in the situation is immense.

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