What is Art Therapy?

Written by: Emily Johnson

Art Therapy is a newly developed Therapy in the field of human services. Art therapy fits-in alongside Talk Therapy and other relevant therapies. Art therapies unique approach and global success regarding the treatment of mental health conditions has earned a lot of respect for the impressive profession.  In other words, artistic therapy is a moderation of mental health that uses artistic media and creative processes together with therapeutic techniques.

As with conventional therapy, the aim of art therapy is to make patients feel better about themselves and the surrounding world. In contrast to traditional forms of therapy, artistic therapy treatment involves participation in the creation of artworks. Moreover, art therapy can focus on creating creative arts in itself, as a therapy, or analyzing speech obtained by exchanging interaction between patients and therapists.

Art therapy is about creating art to raise awareness of oneself and others. Through the creation of art and reflection on products and processes in the arts, human beings can raise awareness of themselves and others, manage symptoms, stress, and trauma experiences, improve cognitive skills, and enjoy the pleasures of the production of arts.

Artistic therapy can help you discover new ways of expressing yourself, supply a positive way of developing and developing your skills, enabling you to achieve the desired changes in a sustainable and successful way. Making artistic therapy a powerful approach for people of all ages, race, and socioeconomic status.

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