What Is Synthetic Marijuana

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People usually prefer natural marijuana to synthetic forms, but as long as it remains illegal, very desirable, easy to detect and is not available regularly, the desire to purchase synthetic forms will persist.22
In fact, synthetic marijuana is not safe or completely natural ( only the inert vegetable substance on which laboratory chemicals are sprayed is natural ), and many variants are now illegal in the united states.16
In addition, synthetic marijuana is not at all correct, but more aptly marked as a synthetic cannabinoid.16

Compared to the most well – known drugs and other drugs, synthetic marijuana has not been available for a long time.16

Spice is not expressly banned in Canada, but synthetic embroideries are listed as a program II drug.3

In October 2010, the Oregon Board of pharmaceutical companies listed synthetic cannabinoid chemicals in its list of Controlled Substances, which means that the sale and ownership of these Substances is illegal under the Oregon law on regulations for individualized Substances.3

Synthetic cannabinoids and related products are still illegal in NSW, where the law was passed on 18 September 2013, prohibiting entire families of synthetic drugs, rather than just banning the identification of existing compounds.3

Since synthetic marijuana is not officially used for smoking or ingestion, its use is considered to be abuse.18

Continued abuse of synthetic marijuana can lead to psychological and chemical dependence on it.’18

Synthetic cannabis has a similar influence on cannabis, although marijuana is often referred to as non – addictive, clinical definition of addiction is proven otherwise.18
Not to be confused with legal synthetic THC as Marinol, the doppelgangera cannabis is anything but FDA – approved.1

Thc, the primary psychoactive chemical in herbal cannabis, locks the CB1 receptor in the brain to produce a euphoric high, and the synthetic cannabinoids bind here too, but with a much greater affinity.1
Synthetic cannabinoids are usually shipped abroad from China to manufacturers who produce blends using high – resistant alcohol or acetone solvents.1

Weeds cannot help at this time because Synthetic weeds ( herbs ) wrap around the receptors more than 300 times stronger than weeds.1
There are several hundred synthetic cannabinoids, and all of them stimulate the type 1 receptor ( CB1 ), as well as the active ingredient in natural cannabis, THC, which provides the high.22

There are several hundred synthetic cannabinoids, and all of them stimulate the type 1 receptor ( CB1 ), as well as the active ingredient in natural cannabis, THC, which provides the high.22

Many people suffer from gastric disorders with synthetic cannabinoids and vomiting is also common ( which is paradoxical because medical cannabis is used to prevent vomiting ).10

Originally marketed as potpourri synthetic marijuana, it is used in the same way as traditional marijuana by smoking, breathing or ingesting.6

However, scientists have indicated that K2’s cannabinoid compounds consist of acting on the same cell receptors in the brain that THC does ( which is the primary psychoactive element of cannabis ).6

‘Because synthetic marijuana is still a fairly new drug, the DEA is still not entirely sure of the long – term side effects and health risks.’6

The synthetic pot is also named after hundreds of names : spices, K – 2, fake weeds, yucatian Fire, Bliss, Skunk, Moon Rocks and JWH – 018, – 073 ( and other numerical suffixes ), according to the initials of Huffman.30
One of the reasons why synthetic cannabis can cause everything from seizures to psychosis is how it works in the brain.30
One possibility is that the metabolites of synthetic cannabis also cause brain damage.30

But if there is no synthetic cannabis, it is another way to prevent the toxicity of the drug from acting uncontrolled.30
But remember that friends or children are a human subject in an uncontrolled synthetic drug experiment is simply stupid.30

Heroin – the chemical name for which it is called diacetylmorphine – was first synthesized by a British chemist called Alder Wright ( photo leaf ) in 1874, adding two groups of acetyls to the morphine molecule, which is naturally present in opium poppy.20

Since then, synthetic cannabinoids have found their way into recreational medicines such as K2, which started to be observed in US and UK overdoses around 2009.20

In addition, while marijuana has only one compound that has psychoactive effects, synthetic marijuana usually has between three and five.20
Synthetic drug overdoses have become a constant news story, with thousands of people being sent to the emergency room each year to find out about K2 consumption and other products.20

K2 and Spice are names used to describe a group of medicines called synthetic cannabinoides ( laboratory produced ).2

Many of what scientists know about synthetic cannabinoides, which they have learned from the study of THC in cannabis.2

As more states legalise cannabis, the distinction between real and synthetic cannabinoides is becoming increasingly important.2
Three people have died and over 100 people have been affected in recent weeks after the ingestion of synthetic cannabinoides, human – made compounds targeting the same brain receptors as marijuana.7


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