What’s the meaning of life’s tree?

The Mayan’s believed paradise for a fantastic spot on Earth hidden by a mystical mountain. They called this place Tamoanchan. Heaven, Earth, and Underworld were connected by the world tree. The world tree grew in the locus of production, everything flowing from that place into four directions. These were: East associated with red, North represented by white, West that is represented by black and South that is represented by yellow. The Mayan tree of life is a crossover with the source passing through every one of the 3 layers, its center being the point of start that is complete – ground, underworld, and the sky. 

 Tin tir-ki, the name of Babylon, meant the place of life’s tree.  The earlier Sumerian traditions played a significant role in Babylonian culture. The Sumerian art portrays images of a tree or a rod called the axis mundi. Guarding this tree is a serpent or a pair of intertwined snakes. Babylonians have the idea of your navel of your world, your relationship of spheres place. Axis Mundi, this measurement, is the institution between 3 spheres: earth heaven and underworld. The mountain the city are considered to be the Sacred Space the link of the 3 measurements that are cosmic. 

Assyrians substituted the tree for your caduceus with snakes circling around the wand’s wood. Here we see a serpent symbolizing an underworld consciousness, passing through the earth, climbing a stick, transcending into a winged reality, a heavenly creature. Wings on a wand turned into a symbol of transformation and transcendence. In Egyptian mythology, the first couple is Isis and Osiris. They’ve emerged from the acacia shrub of Iusaaset, which the Egyptians believed the tree of life. Egyptians believed your Tree of Life to be your shrub wherein life and death are enclosed. The leadership East was associated with the management of Life, the leadership of the rising Sun, and the leadership West was seen as the management of death, of the underworld, since Sunsets in the West. 

Egyptian creation myths refer to a snake and a primordial egg, which contained a bird of light. Inside your Nordic cultures, we also find a Tree of Life known as Yggdrasil. It’s an enormous holy ash shrub where Gods assemble daily. The tree provides a magic springwater of knowledge. An eagle is on the top of your shrub and a serpent is coiled round the roots of the tree.

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